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HORIZON ACADEMY is not just a name but an OATH to create IDEAL GLOBAL CITIZENS, who believes that a man is not bounded by a small geographical barrier, but a man of the universe, who will contribute to develop and beautify the MOTHER EARTH.

The teachers of this academy are associated with learning/teaching process so long; they share their knowledge and experience from the deep of their benevolent concern. The kind of imparting education here is not merely bookish knowledge or the tricks to make good result in the examination, but a keen desire to enrich the students with humanitarian philosophy of life which may build them as an all-round developed person, competitive but steady, honest competetor; hard worker but not like blunt memorizing machine. It is challenge of HORIZON and that is the difference all the way with Horizon and non-Horizons.

We invite the students to the HORIZON, knowing that it is impossible to reach there, as HORIZON DOES NOT EXIST, IT IS MIRAGE, so he/she has to proceed and proceed gaining the knowledge more and more and more. There is no pause and HORIZON shows that path only that there is no break of learning anything. HORIZON believes knowledge acquired through education is invaluable fruit of hard toiling moments of life. अलसस्य कुतो विद्या अविद्यस्य कुतो धनम् । अधनस्य कुतो मित्रममित्रस्य कुतः सुखम् ॥