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English Teacher

Graduation (Honours) & Post – Graduation
From Jadavpur Unversity
In Comparative Literature.

Teaching Is The Passion,
Keen Attraction.

Aim Is To Uplift The Green Minds
To A Certain Level Of Intelligence.
Along With Literature Wish To Teach Them
Humanity, Benevolent Love For The
Mother Earth And Her Children.

To Imprint In Their Mind To Create,
Be Independent, Contribute
Whole Heartedly For The
Better Future. By This
Let Them Earn Fame, Graft The Name
In The Book Of History For Ever.


Chemistry Teacher

Chemistry started it’s journey since the discovery of fire by our ancestors. The unconscious application of chemistry had an immense effect on social production. It played an important role in the pre – historic transformation of stone age to neolithic and neolithic to metal age. Metallurgy is considered as the most ancient branch of chemistry. Since the early part of 17th century chemistry held its feet on the strong scientific base.

In our present era chemistry spreads it’s branches and sub – branches not only in our daily life but beyond the globe and solar system as well. It appears with all its grace and beauty in every spheres of our life. We can’t live even a second without it. That is why it finds the importance of learning.

Learning and teaching chemistry is an integral part of education today. For better learning a student must come in contact with a good teacher. Teaching chemistry is always a challenging job due to its versatility . A good teacher must be aware about the common mistakes done by the students. Students need to realise the purpose of learning. They need to know the story behind every lesson. A perfect teacher must read the mind of a student. A standard method of learning never works for all the student in a class.

The chemistry section of Horizon Academy is ready with all these treasures for you.


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